"Wine is made in the vineyard"

As a winemaker I am just custodian of the fruit our vineyards produce allowing for the reflection of the site, varietal and vintage.  In pursuit of this, Hugo Family Cellars has sought out vineyards with soil compositions, climates, clones and rootstock selections capable of producing wines of distinction and character. The selected terroirs we source from are, in our belief, capable of expressing the truest varietal character interwoven with site characteristics and ultimately the vintage nuances. 

These vintners/winegrowers work tirelessly to bring us fruit they are proud of.  Our relationship with them is built on respect for a common goal, making the best wine possible.  We offer a toast to their hard work!


Glenn Hugo – Winemaker, “before bottle”

Girard Vineyard

My relationship with Girard winery began over three years ago and I am proud to still be apart of the organization.  Pat is well respected in our industry for his dedication to producing quality wines at affordable prices.  Having worked in all aspects of this industry; restaurants, retail, distribution/importing, and of course winery/vineyard operations, Pat has learned it all.   I was impressed with the quality of the Sauvignon Blanc from Girard’s own vineyard and was very happy with what it lent to our Veris  release.  Thanks Pat!

  • Appellation: St. Helena, Napa Valley
  • Location: Deer Park Road, St. Helena
  • Clone: 1
  • Rootstock: 101.14
  • Soil Type: Riverbed remnants 80% Clay with 20% pebbles
  • Wine: “Veris” Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc
  • Vintner/Winegrower: Pat Roney
  • Website: www.girardwinery.com

Kate's Vineyard

Bill and Sally Bryant are the “salt of the earth” kind of people you love to meet in the wine business.  They dedicate their lives to producing grapes that will make them proud to have named their vineyard after their daughter.  For over 30 years they have been growing grapes in Napa on their 16 acre vineyard and home.  Located in the cooler end of the valley, between Napa and Yountville, on the valley floor, the vineyard is on the edge of an alluvial fan which provides deep and somewhat rocky soils.  We are proud to source our Napa Syrah from Kate’s Vineyard.  On a side note, if Sally ever offers to cook you lunch, do not miss it!  Cheers Sally & Bill!

  • Appellation: Napa Valley
  • Location: Big Ranch Road, Napa
  • Clone: 877, 174
  • Rootstock: 420A, 101.14
  • Soil Type: Ancient riverbed with combination of light loam and gravel
  • Wine: 2007 "Adamare" Napa Valley Syrah
  • Vintner/Winegrower: Sally, Bill & Kate Bryant
  • Website: www.katesvineyard.com

Catie's Corner Vineyard

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Located in the Russian River Valley, this cool climate site is planted on Paulsen rootstock with a selection of Australian clones. We work closely with the grower, Saralee Kunde, to produce the best wine in the vineyard. Wines from the vineyard, named after Saralee's daughter, offer pronounced black fruits, roasted meats with a touch of floral characteristics balanced by vibrant acidity.  This cooler climate syrah blends wonderfully with the Grenache we get from Saralee’s vineyard.  It's as if they were always meant to be together!


  • Appellation: Russian River Valley
  • Location: Jones Road, Windsor
  • Clone: 1, 4, 6, 7
  • Rootstock: Paulsen 1103
  • Soil Type: Huichica Loam 2-9% slope
  • Wine: 2007 "Misceo" Russian River Valley Syrah
  • Vintner/Winegrower: Saralee, Rich &  Catie Kunde
  • Website: www.saraleesvineyards.com

Saralee's Vineyard

The Kunde family has been growing grapes throughout Sonoma County for over 100 years. 2009 will mark the 20th harvest at Saralee’s Vineyard. They have their own team of year-round vineyard employees who are ready and willing to pick on a moments notice. A vineyard with employees that have worked there for two decades is impressive. But, most important is the quality on the vine. Saralee’s Vineyard makes me love this grape, even though its “tough love”. Lots of spicy strawberry and cherry cola character balanced with a bright acidity. Cheers Saralee!


  • Appellation: Russian River Valley
  • Location: Slusser Road, Windsor
  • Clone: 01A, 03
  • Rootstock: Richter 110
  • Soil Type: Zamora silty clay loam 0-2% slope
  • Wine: 2007 "Misceo" Russian River Valley Grenache
  • Vintner/Winegrower: Saralee & Rich  Kunde
  • Website: www.saraleesvineyards.com